Is "Right up my alley" formal enough to use in a cover letter/job application etc? If not, are there any alternative idioms?

It sounded right to me and I was just about to use it in a formal document, but then I googled it and the first result was from urbandictionary, so I became suspicious.


Do not use "right up my alley" in a cover letter. A suitable substitute would be, "a perfect fit for me."

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I wouldn't use this term in a cover letter as it sounds a little cheeky and I'm guessing that that's not the impression you wish to make with a would be employer. ;)

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  • Yes, you're right. It does sound cheeky. I was hoping for a formal alternative that's also idiomatic, but I didn't need one at the end... I bet "Like a glove!!!" wouldn't have been appropriate either :P – amjams Sep 3 '15 at 8:02

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