I would really like another way of saying/expression/quote for "people who always miss each other by a few minutes".

  • It would be helpful to see what sort of sentence you have in mind. Just put some dashes ________ in the place where the desired word/expression would go. Thank you. – aparente001 Aug 25 '15 at 5:09

This might or might not be what you are looking for: "Passing ships"

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  • Normally the full expression is 'ships passing in the night' – curiousdannii Aug 24 '15 at 1:29
  • yes, it is. I was already half asleep when I was typing that answer :/ – Amandine FAURILLOU Aug 24 '15 at 6:19

For the activity, Wikipedia says that such people are "playing phone tag". I imagine that they could be called "phone-tag players".

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  • I've never heard this one before. This is interesting – Amandine FAURILLOU Aug 25 '15 at 13:33

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