I am trying to understand the grammar behind using "do not" vs "does not".

Consider the following sentences.

1a. The way items are added to the cart does not guarantee an order. vs

1b. The way items are added to the cart do not guarantee an order.

2a. We will skip the entries that do not match vs

2b. We will skip the entries that does not match

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'Does' is only used in singular, third person. In other cases, 'do' is used. (The addition of 'not' does not matter.)

Therefore, 1a. and 2a. are correct. In the first sentence, 'the way' is the subject - hence the singular form ('does') is used. In the second sentence, 'the entries' is plural so you need the plural form 'do'.

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The use of "do" and "does" auxiliary verbs depend on two factors; 1st is Subject and 2nd is tense ( only present simple tense). If Subject be third person singular number then aux.verb will be "does" and for other person and number it will always be "do".

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