I am in a scenario of designing a web form, it will give user choice to select existing or add new, here is detail about my web form if you want to know more,


I am not happy with working Add member (s) also now I changed it to "Add member" as user can only select one

enter image description here

This form will be changed and have this,

Select member from list below,

 List of users.....

Can't find in list ? click here to add new member

Can I make above sentences short and to the point ?

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  • I think Add members (without the "(s)") would be okay -- even if the user selects only one box, the intent of the form is for them to be able to select potentially multiple names -- a singular "members" would be more fitting if it was single-selection with radio buttons instead. Regarding the "add a new member" bit... Perhaps something like "Can't find a member? Click here to add them", or even omit the first part and just say "Click here to add a new member" (I prefer the latter). Hopefully this isn't too UX-y of a response. – Chris Sprague Aug 21 '15 at 14:44
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    If you're not letting them add more than one, then I would use "Add a member" even though "Add member" would still be acceptable. Plus, since they can only select one I'd also change the options from checkboxes to radio buttons so you don't need to use "select from the list below". – Julia Sep 23 '15 at 5:02
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I will suggest some ways to make it more succinct, and I will propose a possible solution to a problem that you didn't realize you have -- that you are using "add" in two different ways, and it is confusing.

Add members (as suggested by Chris) Select from the list below:

Person Join Date (list of people)

Create new person (keep the underlining!)

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