I want to say "thank you" to a person that agreed to collaborate in my research.

I thought about writing "I am glad to know you agreed to collaborate...", but it sounds a little cumbersome. I want it to be a slightly informal because the person is a student exactly like me.

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    "I appreciate your help." – Hot Licks Aug 16 '15 at 11:17

My suggestion would be:

I am looking forward to working (together/with you).

using either "together" or "with you".


My suggestion would be:

"Thanks for your help with this project!"


You might as well write

"I appreciate your intention to help with this project. Thanks a lot!"


(I believe minimal changes are the most useful, so I'll start with your sentence and modify it slightly, rather than starting from scratch.)

"I'm so glad you agreed to collaborate..."


"I was [so] glad to hear you agreed to collaborate..."

These are less formal, more natural versions of the sentence you proposed.

Note, so makes a sentence more effusive (enthusiastic).

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