When describing someone who is reclusive is it better to say:

He was difficult to access.


He was difficult of access.

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..is it better to say "he was difficult to access" or "he was difficult of access"?

It depends what you mean by 'better'.

He was difficult to access.

In this case, 'to access' is the infinitive of the verb. This way of writing it is common and idiomatic. For native speakers, it looks 'obvious'. However the grammatical structure is not so obvious. I am not even sure whether 'to access' is an adverbial phrase modifying 'was' or one modifying 'difficult.'

He was difficult of access.

Here, 'access' is a noun. This form occurs idiomatically in English in other phrases such as, He was hard of hearing.


The choice is one of idiom rather than logic or grammar. In past centuries the second version might have been acceptable. Today, only the first is used. You should say, He was difficult to access.


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