File is sent.

File has been sent.

Is the line above grammatically correct?
What is the correct one and what is the difference between both of them ?


It really depends on the circumstances that you find both in. In each case adding "The" to the front of the line would improve it, and the bottom line is certainly the easiest on the ears and rolls off the tongue. However, as I assume this is being used with regards computing, the top line is shorter and does give the same impression to the computer savvy.


Both these lines are correct but need 'A' and 'The' before them.

A file is sent

The file has been sent

  • If both listener and speaker know about which file they are talking about , "The file" is correct. We can also say A file has been sent. It is all related to content. – VRVigneshwara Aug 13 '15 at 8:42

after pressing the button a file is sent to the customer. a file has been sent to the customer after he pressed the button.

The meaning is not the same.

  • This answer needs to be better stated. Can you explain which of the two OP's sentences is correct and why. – Nigel J Oct 24 '17 at 12:39
  • Welcome to English Language & Usage. Your answer needs explaining.. – J. Taylor Oct 24 '17 at 12:40

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