I am wondering the differece between "to receiving" and "to receive"? I found in many sentences a simple verb or a "ing" after "to". Though I have explore the following, still I am not clear.

If the work is in continuous form then we use "ing" after "to". If the work is still to happen then we use simple verb after "to".

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Grammatically you cannot use to receiving as one unit. But "receiving" can be preceded by by the preposition "to" like:

I'm looking forward to receiving a letter from my penpal. - in this case, to is not a marker of an infinitive but part of the combination "to look forward to".

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    And "receiving" can be thought of as nounal; a gerund. In that you could substitute, say, [looking forward to] Sunday. Aug 2, 2015 at 12:45

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