I am putting together a banner for a trade show to showcase our mobile app, and one of the bullets is: "Get notified on wishlist matches", but I'm not sure if the correct preposition should be on, of, or about.

Any help would be appreciated!

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    Be notified of wishlist matches on your profile/your phone/the toilet/time. Jul 14, 2015 at 17:45

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Look at it this way, what would you expect in these:

The app notifies you ____ stuff.

You are notified by the app ____ stuff.

Be notified ____ stuff.

Did you notify her ____ the thing?

Notifications ____ stuff are hard to ignore.

Send them a notification ____ stuff.

The app is notifying them ____ stuff.

That was a notification ____ action taken.

It seems to me like those should all be "about", and so should yours.

Having said that, you send a notification to someone, and your notify them of or about something. You should be able to use "of" in any of those as well, but it can feel clunky to my ear.


How about receive notifications about...?


Get notification of wishlist matches

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