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I heard in my English book the word holiday, which is usually noted /'hɒlɪdeɪ/ pronounced ['hɔ̝lɪdeɪ]. Is it frequent ?

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Do I understand correctly that it was pronounced with the vowel of holy instead of the vowel of hall? If so, then — no, that is not frequent. None of the following lists it:

That said, I think the pronunciation could work in a religious context, as a sort of compromise between holiday and holy day. (Among Jews, for example, the Yamim Noraim are sometimes called "the High Holidays", sometimes "the High Holy Days". Why not split the difference?)

  • I wrote it quit precisely, so the vowel is more or less the same as in hall, but shorter. But this explanation is rather convincing. Thanks
    – pretuiol
    Jul 13, 2015 at 9:42

I would suggest this pronunciation is for the original meaning of the word as 'holy day', or religious day. It is uncommon, but could be used to emphasize the words origins.


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