What is does the word "even" mean in this sentence?

It's good to be busy, even you missed a good lunch.

When I heard it, it gave me the impression to mean that I am not normally busy, but now I am, so that "even" I (who I am not normally busy) missed my lunch.

Did I understand it wrong?


From the context, it's most likely a typo. It makes much more sense this way:

It's good to be busy, even if you missed a good lunch.

"Even if" is often used to mean "although." It's saying that although you missed a good lunch (which you normally would not want to do), it's worth it because you missed it due to being busy, and being busy is good.

  • It's good to be busy, though you might get a bit tired, get a bit frazzled, get a bit hungry and leave your sandwich for later – in fact, it's good to be busy, even if [that means] you miss a good lunch. – Edwin Ashworth Jun 25 '15 at 14:10

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