I am doing a book review and this does not seem like the proper use of considering in a heading but I cannot explain why. Is this an acceptable use of considering in a heading:

Foundations for considering acquired communication disorders

  • Do you mean considering as in "thinking about acquired communication disorders"; or as in "...for thinking communication disorders to be ... [something] ?
    – Margana
    Jun 17, 2015 at 19:35
  • It seems OK to me, with considering being @Margana's first sense. I suspect you interpreted it as the second sense, which needs another clause, and that's why it seemed wrong to you.
    – Barmar
    Jun 17, 2015 at 21:45

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There are several uses of the verb consider:


[WITH OBJECT] 1.0 Think carefully about (something), typically before making a decision:
each application is considered on its merits
(as adjective considered)
I may not have time to give a considered reply to suggestions

1.1 Think about and be drawn towards (a course of action):
he had considered giving up his job

1.2 Believe to be; think:
[WITH OBJECT AND INFINITIVE]: at first women were considered to be at low risk from HIV
[WITH CLAUSE]: I don’t consider that I’m to blame

1.3 [WITH OBJECT AND COMPLEMENT] Regard (someone or something) as having a specified quality:
I consider him irresponsible

1.4 Take (something) into account when making a judgement:
one service area is not enough when you consider the number of cars using this motorway

2.0 Look attentively at:
the old man considered his granddaughter thoughtfully

Oxford Dictionaries Online

The uses defined in entry 1.2 and 1.3 of Oxford Dictionaries Online would require an extra word or phrase:

1.2 Reasons for considering acquired communication disorders [to be a major educational agenda]

1.3 Apology for considering [that I was to blame]

All of the other uses would work as a gerund similar to the example in the OP:

1.0 Foundations for considering acquired communication disorders

1.1 Reasons for considering a new location

1.4 Factors for considering the possible outcomes

2.0 Opportunity for considering his sustained gaze

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