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I understand the capitalization rule for nouns, proper nouns require a capital letter. Also, I should begin a new sentence with a capital letter.

When & why "mom/dad" requires a capital letter ?

(Reference- ELL- I am at Vapi where mom is hospitalised)


(n) informal term for a mother/North American term for mum.

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When it is their name, Mom and Dad would be capitalised:

Dear Mom and Dad,
I am just writing to let you know, that although everyone has a mom and a >dad, you are my special mom and dad. So, Mom, I just want to say ‘brava!’; and Dad, ‘bravo!’. I’ve just been telling Sis, that Mom’s new coat is so cool. XX

Here's the commentary from an exercise from BBC English on Line

...to have a roast chicken lunch with my mother. I can't wait! - mother does not need a capital 'M' as it is not being used to replace her name. If I said, "I am going to lunch with Mum", it would need a capital letter, but "I am going to lunch with my mum" does not.

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We should capitalize these words if they are being used as the name of the person. You can capitalize these when referring to your own relatives: Hello, Mother.

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