When to use Universe or universe?

I'm editing a document where it is "The Creator of the universe". Is it correct?


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You use the capitalized "Universe" when you're talking about THE Universe. For example, "I destroyed the whole Universe."

You use the lowercase "universe" when you're talking about any old universe, that's a common noun. For example, "There might be many different universes," or "The video-game universe is 3D."

http://www.npr.org/sections/13.7/2013/02/19/172391249/universe-or-universe-it-all-depends-on-the-multiverse says that if there're many universes, not just one Universe, it'll be lowercase.

Lowercase universe is used for more than one occurance of a universe, such as many video-game universes, or multiverses.


The Universe is one of many, potentially infinite, universes. (The validity if the statement does not really matter here.)

Our universe is essentially named Universe, mostly because it is the first one we knew about. Similarly, the Sun is one of many suns.

It isn't uncommon to refer to a particular universe within a fictitious world as the Universe.

In your sentence, it would be the Universe if it is in a religious context. Although, it could be the case that the Creator simply created this particular universe, with nothing being said about the origins of the rest.

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