The importance of Internet access grows each day, correspondingly, web content accessibility too becomes equally important to ensure it meets the needs of users with disabilities.

correspondingly - connecting word, agreement/addition/similarity.

I would just like this confirmed. Thanks in advance.

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Even dropping the 'too' leaves problems. A comma splice and a false comparison (surely access to both is equally important; both needs are increasing in parallel).

The importance of Internet access grows each day; the importance of web content accessibility, to ensure that the needs of users with disabilities are met, grows correspondingly.


Using correspondingly in that way is fine. But if you include it you do not need too as it is duplicatory, though in a slightly different sense.

I would also place a comma or perhaps semi-colon after important.

  • I realized that a while ago, the "too" was a small mistake. Thanks for helping me out. I am glad I confirmed that my grammar skills are still up-to-date.
    – John Smith
    Jun 16, 2015 at 9:40

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