If I were to say, "I hope that this will work", would it also be correct to say, "I hope this will work"? Would both be grammatically correct?


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Yes, both are correct. The word "that" when used to express a wish, feeling, or attitude towards something (i.e., when used in the subjunctive) is often left out, especially in less formal settings.

"I wish that you wouldn't do that"

is just as acceptable as

"I wish you wouldn't do that"

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    This doesn’t really have anything to do with wishes or subjunctives—in fact, the example in the question is indicative, not subjunctive. That is generally omissible when it’s a complementiser, regardless of what type of subordinate clause it heads. Jun 11, 2015 at 8:18

Both are correct. In this case 'that' isn't being used demonstratively. Here the object of this sentence is a 'that-clause', where 'that' helps connect the (in this case transitive) verb with its object, "you wouldn't do that". If the sentence was much longer then using 'that' would help indicate the object.

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