Before[...] you asked if I was _____.

Should there be a comma after 'before' or is the ellipsis okay? Also, should the sentence end with a period or a question mark?

  • You might also need to change was to were since this looks like reported speech.
    – pazzo
    Jun 2, 2015 at 4:48

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Is "before" an adverb or a conjunction here? To avoid this ambiguity:

If an adverb, then comma.

If a conjunction, then no comma.

Period or Question Mark

Is this a statement or a question?

If "before" is an adverb, then it is a statement, and a period is required.


Before, veronicaaxo asked if a comma is required.

If "before" is a conjunction, we need to know what follows because the "before" clause is a dependent clause:


Before veronicaaxo asked if a comma is required, what was veronicaaxo doing?

Before veronicaaxo asked if a comma is required, veronicaaxo was having dinner.



I am pretty sure that you can use both, because if you use a comma, it would show the speaker as a more bold and direct person. If you use the three dots, it shows that there was more of a pause from the speaker. If you were to use this for your English teacher, I advise you not to, since the three dots aren't very formal. I hope that helped a bit?

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