I am trying to create an auto acknowledgment email for support requests we receive. I want it to look polite and professional, but I find it a bit difficult to word properly since I am not a native speaker. How does my email look?

Subject: Your message is received

Thank you very much for your message! [optional(a): We know your time is valuable and we would like to acknowledge that we have received your request.]

We work hard on answering every support message as quickly as possible and usually respond within a few hours or less. Occasionally, [optional(b): due to the high number of inquiries we receive,] we might not be able get back to you right away. While you are waiting, another great source for answers is our FAQ section: http://www.example.com/support

Thank you for your patience.

[optional(c): Sincerely,]

Support Team

  • This is generally a very well-written boilerplate message. Unfortunately, questions that amount to requests for opinions such as the one I just gave or for proofreading help are off-topic for this site. As a result, this question is likely to be closed.
    – Sven Yargs
    Jun 3 '15 at 1:12

I am a native speaker of American English. Everything looks grammatically correct to me, and it reads clearly and professionally.

As a fellow programmer, I feel like users appreciate seeing a more personable response, even if it is just auto-generated, especially if it's in response to something that took them a bit of time to complete. It makes them feel important to your company. For that reason, I would add all of the optional sections you've suggested to the final email template.

  • @Parsusta I missed one grammar error in "optional a". There should be a comma between "valuable" and "and", since they are both complete sentences joined by a conjunction. Jun 5 '15 at 23:16

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