At the moment I'm writing a sort of economical report over Bosch GmbH. That's a group work and I would like to report our data and our analysis in the most clear and straightforward way. I have an issue though, I found myself writing an awful lot of times the expression "we are going to". Here some examples

  • In this section we are going to focus on the financial...
  • We are going to perform a first level analysis of ROE...
  • For the short term situation we are going to use two different approach...

I don't really like to use the WE, but neither I can seem to find a non redundant solution to say the same thing.

Thank you in advance


You can always invert the subject, which gives you the opportunity to hide the usage of singular/plural.

  • The main focus will be on the financial...
  • A first level analysis of ROE will be performed...
  • For the short term situation, two different approaches will be used...

It allows you to put the important part of the sentence as the subject, and you (as a bonus) don't get caught up on whether or not to use "we" in those sentences.


For cases where you can't avoid it, e.g. if your company does something differently than others, it's acceptable to use we/our.
In general though, I'd focus on what will be done, and not who will do it.

Difference in phrasing, which coincidentally also gets rids of your problem.


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