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"X as well as Y" singular or plural
When two nouns are connected using "as well as", does that become singular or plural?
For eg. Sam as well as his brother Dean has / have to come.
Which one is correct?

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You use "has" since Sam is the subject of the sentence. As well as Dean is just a phrase used to add detail.

Sam (as well as his brother Dean) has to come.

You should also consider adding commas:

Sam, as well as his brother(,) Dean, has to come.


That construction is awkward and unnecessary as the subject. Just say Sam and his brother Dean have to come, or Sam and Dean have to come.

  • The above sentence is just an example. My doubt is with the general usage of "as well as" connecting multiple nouns or pronouns. – user1115547 May 27 '15 at 4:56

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