which on the surface look genuine and possibly discovered but are in fact architected in some way to support a pre-existing position. there is the element of deception, intentional or otherwise

I'm specifically looking for that word which ends in "-ed"


The argument would be said to be contrived.

Deliberately and artificially created.


"Concocted" gives the impression of having been manufactured to deceive, as in the 2nd definition of "concoct" from MW-O:

"to invent or develop (a plan, story, etc.) especially in order to trick or deceive someone"


I'd propose "fabricated". Similar to Kristina's "concoct", "fabricate" is defined by M-W as:

to create or make up (something, such as a story) in order to trick people


Kind of colloquial, "bullied out of his [butt]"

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