Is there a word to describe a group of politicians and judges? The best I came up with is "public figures" which is both too wide (there are lots of public figures which are not politicians or judges) and too long. Is there a single word grouping or describing politicians and judges?

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    it's a good question. in some contexts, "administration"
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The most specific term I can think of that encompasses both is official, but it may not be narrow enough for your purpose.


noun: official; plural noun: officials

  1. a person holding public office or having official duties, especially as a representative of an organization or government department.

Office holder: A person who holds a position of authority or service, especially within a government or government organization.


That can be a magistrate, but by his ancient meaning:

In ancient Rome, a magistratus was one of the highest government officers and possessed both judicial and executive powers.

But it's more a person with both the role of a politician and a judge than a group of those two types of people.


If you aren't too fussy, legislators will be understood. Technically, judges administer the law rather than make it, but anyone involved knows the line is a fuzzy one, and only matters if you are discussing fine constitutional points.

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