Can you explain me please when we should use "it" or "them" with the word company in the example below. As I understand company is "it", so we use join it? Or should we use join them?

Our main partner is XXX (company) in the Netherlands. If you join them/it, we will offer you the different products to sell.

Thanks a lot!

  • join isn't the best choice here. If you use it, use join us – Tushar Raj May 14 '15 at 8:02

Both 'it' and 'them' can be used to refer to a company.

'It' in this case is referring to the company as an inanimate object, which it is. 'Them' can also be used because a company is a collection of people working there.

So it all comes down to perspective I suppose. 'It' may also seem to be slightly negative and seem colder than if you can 'them'. 'Them' can be seen as a warmer word choice that can make people 'feel better'.

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