I recently started watching "Suits". There is a theme song. It has a lyrics with a sentence "Everybody wanna know, how it feel". I turned the CC and yes, its exactly that way. I think it should rather be "how it feels".

But I'm not an native English speaker, so its possible that I simply miss something - some slang, hidden meaning. Is this a correct sentence?

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    Lyrics do not always follow grammar rules, anyway it may be a short for How (does) it feel? – user66974 May 6 '15 at 9:58

It's not a grammatically correct English sentence.

It's most likely derived from ebonics, which has become "cool" to use in modern lyrics.

Everybody wanna know how it feel

In the song, it means "Everybody wants to know how it feels" - which would be the correct way of saying it.

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