He portrayed himself to be a really straightforward, hardworking person that always keeps their word, always shows up and is on time when they make plans, but turned out to be completely the opposite of these things. I need a synonym for these things.

The sentence I want to use is:

"He turned out to be a douche"

(but I need another word/words or a phrase to put there that means exactly what I'm trying to say and not one that has such a wide array of contexts or meanings.)

  • Have you typed "fraud synonym" into Google? – Hot Licks May 2 '15 at 19:51

You could use phoney (or phony in US spelling).


More traditional would be "scoundrel" and "blackguard". (If you want even more of a Bertie Wooster ambience, the man is clearly "a cad and a bounder", what ho.) Specifically for fraud one may think of "cheat", "swindler", "con artist", "scamster" and so forth. Or if he was not stealing the petty cash but merely pretending to be something he was not, perhaps "bluffer" in addition to Area51's terms. There are probably hundreds of terms of opprobrium and moral censure in English.

  • +1 for con man. And also blaggard. Hadn't see that one in a while! – Dan Bron May 2 '15 at 19:38

He was a sham (A person who pretends to be someone or something they are not).

In addition, if he falsely claimed to have knowledge/skills he didn't, he was a charlatan

Source: OED


Maybe you mean insincere and unreliable person. Untrustworthy also comes to mind.

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If I look at the sequence you provided, then "uncommitted", "unreliable", "undependable" and "disreputable" come to mind. A detailed understanding of the connotations you wish to convey would allow a more accurate selection.

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Sounds to me like a bent coin.


Another informal modern synonym is fake[1][2] (or fake person).

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