I'm writing a text according to APA standards. The rule regarding serial commas states "Use a comma between elements (including before and and or) in a series of three or more items."

Does this also apply to gerunds, where their object follows after the list?

a) "the sharing, exchanging, distributing, and creating of knowledge"
b) "the sharing, exchanging, distributing and creating of knowledge"

I would instinctively go for option a), but a canonical answer/authoritative source would be great.

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Yes, the serial comma style applies to gerunds

The serial comma rule is a style for presenting items in a list.

It doesn't matter whether those items are nouns, gerund, adjectives, or more complicated terms:

  • I learned to walk, to run, and to twerk.
  • I have seen my best friend skiing, flying, and crashing.
  • I believe in world peace, V-neck sweaters, and my considerable but not entirely insurmountable odds of marrying Kate Upton by this time next year.

This is a matter of what style manual you use. In general, American English requires the use of the serial (Oxford) comma whilst British style manuals stipulate that an Oxford comma only be used in very specific circumstances. This Wikipedia article is a great reference.

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