When an individual belongs to an organization, they can be said to be a member of that organization. From the organization's perspective, they may have 1 or more members who have joined their organization. So the word that means all the individuals who belong to them is simply members.

However, the individual may of course belong to many different organizations. I am looking for a word that correctly describes all the organizations an individual belongs to.

In other words:

  • Jane is a member of Org A, Org B and Org D
  • John is a member of Org B
  • Jack is a member of Org B and Org C

Given those memberships above:

  • Org A's member(s) are: Jane
  • Org B's member(s) are: Jane, John and Jack
  • Org C's member(s) are: Jack
  • Org D's member(s) are: Jane

I'm looking for the word that describes all the orgs that a particular individual is a member of, so:

  • Jane's ??? is: Org A, Org B and Org D
  • John's ??? is: Org B
  • Jack's ??? is: Org B and Org C

I'm looking for a single word that exists in both single and plural form (member/members, etc.), not something like "is a member of", etc. Thoughts?


Jane's affiliations are: Org A, Org B and Org D

Jane's associations are: Org A, Org B and Org D

Jane's memberships are: Org A, Org B and Org D

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