I have a question about any kind of.

Results can be applied to any kinds of drawing or texturing applications

In the sentence above, should I use any kind of applications or any kinds of applications?

I checked the Internet and everyone on the web goes for any kind of; however, all the examples include uncountable words. But, in my case, because of referring a computer software, application is countable and because of using any, it should be plural, I guess.

So, basically, is it always any kind of or if the word is countable and plural, can I use any kinds of?

Thank you in advance!


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Nouns related to "any" are correctly singular, when there is the possibility that only one thing might be involved.

  • "Any person can do this"
  • "He looked for any kind of evidence"
  • "Any solution is better than none"
  • "This works for any kind of drawing"

Using "all" requires plurals:

  • "All people can do this"
  • "This works for all kinds of drawing"

The associated noun for words like "kind" should always be singular (though it's not a rule that is widely followed)

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    So what makes it a rule? Commented Apr 24, 2015 at 17:54

First, "any kind of" can definitely indicate a multitude of kinds:-)

If you really want to be different, I'd go for:

Results can be applied to any variety of drawing or texturing applications

"Any kinds of" is not considered terribly elegant. Now, you can use it, but ... read again previous sentence.

BTW, at Google Books:

"any kind of applications" About 680 results

"any variety of applications" About 46 results

"any kinds of applications" About 19 results


It is alright to use both of these which mean the same thing:

any kind of application

any kind of applications

Although the first is more common. Google search results isn't a good indicator but anyway:

"any kind of pet" (226000 results)

"any kind of pets" (103000 results)

"any kinds of pets" (102000 results)

"any kinds of pet" (7430 results, mostly false positives where "pet" is a modifier as in "pet food")


singular: It's a kind of drawing e.g. sketching
colloquially: They are a kind of drawing

plural: There are different kinds of drawings; e.g. sketching, pencil, cartoons, and draughting.

(i) Is etching a kind of drawing?
(ii) Is there any kind of drawing you prefer? (Is there any one kind of drawing)
(iii) Are computer graphics and animation different kinds of drawings?
(iv) Are there any kinds of technical drawings?

Results can be applied to different kinds of drawings or texturing applications
Results can be applied to any kind of drawings or texturing applications
Results can be applied to any kind of drawing or textural application

Any form can be used.

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