I am putting together a presentation, and for the life of me I am unable to think of the word which describes this situation.

I am discussing policy promoted by the US in Latin America during the 60s which stated that people's land property should be cleared by 80% of natural forest cover to show that it is being utilised.

I am trying to describe how this sort of policy is "hating the environment", has complete disregard, and is driven by capitalism.


  • these are all great, but I am still on the hunt for that word. I feel as though it is more along the lines/theme of anthropocentrism Apr 23, 2015 at 21:04

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If you are looking to coin a new word, may I suggest "eco-hostile", by contrast with "eco-friendly".


It seems you are most concerned with the lack of thought paid to the environment.

environmentally negligent


I think you may describe it as an irresponsible environmental policy for the clear negative consequences from an ecological perspective.


I don't think you'll find a single word, at best I can only reword your sentence:

Resource depletion sponsored by corporate imperialism (backed by a stamp that says, US Gov't).

This would be a right-wing government. As those of a left-wing government "believe we should regulate big businesses so they serve people’s interests" and that "country-wide tax-funded action on climate change is necessary." -idontgetpolitics.co.uk

non-environmentalist right-wing policy

E.g., republican.


Conservationist would describe a policy that conserves natural resources, so you could call it an anti-conservationist policy.

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    Not my downvote, Nicole, but actually, anti-conservationist sounds more like it's against a person who is a conservationist. I might opt for an anti-conservation policy instead - but that's just my opinion. Apr 22, 2015 at 22:07

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