Which one is right to use in the following sentence?

I looked at the mirror and saw Me / Myself.

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    Most common and idiomatic is myself. But me can be used to express a more intense recognition, carrying an element of surprise. Usually it's used in contexts of self-recognition, such as "seeing myself as I truly am", perhaps for the first time (or perhaps because you switched bodies with a talking kangaroo for two weeks and this morning when you woke up and glimpsed yourself in the mirror, you saw that you were back in your old, familiar, comfortable body, thank god). – Dan Bron Apr 20 '15 at 12:14

At Google Books

"I saw myself in the mirror" About 16,500 results

is quite common, while

"I saw me in the mirror" 5 results

is rare. It sounds uneducated and dialectal.

The first is what you should use.

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I would say "myself". (I would probably also say "looked in the mirror" rather than "looked at the mirror".)

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