I came across this phrase 'a bit of a bust' in an article. Here is the context:

Reddit was a bit of a bust for us, as rather than using my own Reddit account, I created an XDStudios account. This was a really bad idea, because... This was a rookie mistake, and I'm sure Reddit could have been a valuable tool for us if it had been handled properly.

I don't understand the meaning of "a bit of a bust"



A failure; a flop

A bit of a bust is either understatement (a big failure) or a mild failure.

  • It was a bit of a bust for Earth Hour in the Tri-Cities Saturday, as Port Moody was the only community to reach one per cent in electricity load savings.
  • To be fair, the entire trip was a bit of a bust so I might be biased by the general unpleasantness...
  • Thanks. I have searched for this phrase on Google, but it doesn't come up with any useful results. I suppose this phrase as well as this 'flop' meaning of bust is very common in use. – Michael Song Apr 15 '15 at 8:16

It means Reddit didn't work out for them (was not useful.)

I'm guessing this was British English, where "a bit of" is an example of understatement. But in any case, "bust" is a failure as in def #8 at http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/bust

  • Yes. Your guess is right. The author of the article is from Wales. – Michael Song Apr 15 '15 at 8:19

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