As is often the case, I got stuck while programming because I couldnt' find the right name for a variable.

I want to write an interface for a class that has dependencies, but I'm unsure about how to name it.


Something that has dependencies is a ...

fill in the blank


Something that has dependencies is a dependant.

This is the situation explained:

Whenever a class A uses another class or interface B, then A depends on B. A cannot carry out it's work without B, and A cannot be reused without also reusing B. In such a situation the class A is called the "dependant" and the class or interface B is called the "dependency". A dependant depends on its dependencies.

Source: http://tutorials.jenkov.com/ood/understanding-dependencies.html#whatis


head. The term comes from dependency grammar, where grammatical constituents are taken to have a head word, which determines the central properties of the constituent, and other subsidiary constituents. E.g., the nominal properties of a noun phrase are due to its head word being a noun, and subsidiary constituents, i.e. dependencies, are determiner, adjective, prepositional phrase, relative clause. When a noun. e.g. "man", occurs with such a dependent, e.g. a determiner "the", within a noun phrase, e.g. "the man", one says this dependency of the head has been satisfied.

There is lots of disagreement about which part of a grammatical constituent is the head (if any) and which parts are dependents.


"main source" comes to mind. I would also suggest "main office" and "headquarters"

  • headquarters (noun) "a place from which something (such as a business or a military action) is controlled or directed" MW

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