I want to know the New Zealand and Australian dialects in English. Please tell me what you know.

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    It's not really much different from the evolution of isolated species (except that it can occur much more rapidly). Some of it's due to random variation, some due to environmental influences (farming vs fishing vs hunting, eg), and some due to the other languages used in the area. – Hot Licks Apr 12 '15 at 12:05

I am not a linguist but, I believe it has to do with one of two things. Either changes over time in England and where (in time) the group branched off the main trunk. (this applies to the much-parodied Pirate Accent) Or another common cause of specific dialect in a colony is the regional dialect within the population of England which spawned the group that populated the offshoot colony, thus starting a local dialect in the colony. (Puritans in america) Of course once a colony has begun with a certain accent, it may continue to digress from the original sounds over the years, as people like to do.

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  • Groups like the Puritans are an interesting example, since to a degree they consciously chose to modify the language, using "biblical" (KJV) terms. – Hot Licks Apr 12 '15 at 12:22

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