How does assume differs from assert?

Looking for a explanation with an example statement for both (it's better if the example statements are in the same context).

  • I assume you haven't compared the dictionary definitions of the two words. I assert that the distinction is obvious, so I'm closevoting for lack of evidence of prior research. – FumbleFingers Apr 6 '15 at 13:38

Well, basically,

assume: it's about thinking something

Any good dictionary has examples, and so has this one:


assert: it's about saying/stating something



To assume is to believe something without having definite proof, in its primary sense. To assert is to state that something is so.

For example: "Constable Brown asserted that the young man was a thief. I assumed that he was telling the truth, because he is a policeman." Here, the speaker has based his assumption on the constable's job.

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