There is the following passage in Maureen Dowd’s article titled, “Good riddance, Carrie Mathison” in April 4 New York Times:

“The co-creator of “Homeland” on Showtime revealed recently that when the new season starts, Claire Danes’s Carrie Mathison will no longer work at the C.I.A.. The C.I.A. sisterhood is fed up with the flock of fictional C.I.A. women in movies and on TV who guzzle alcohol as they bed hop and drone drop, acting crazed and emotional, sleeping with terrorists and seducing assets.”

I can guess what “bed hop” means, but I don’t understand what “drone drop” means, because "bed hop" doesn't link "drone drop" at all to me. Is it a slanguage? How can I rephrase it in plain English words?

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In this case, "drone drop" was chosen primarily because it makes a good rhyme with "bed hop", while also being symbolic of any number of improbable "high-tech spying" activities that a CIA agent could engage in.

Taken literally, "drone dropping" could be any of:

  • shooting down an enemy drone
  • dropping off a drone to be deployed and used for spying
  • deploying a drone (dropping it out the back of a plane in order to launch it)
  • killing a targeted individual ("dropping" them) via drone-mounted weapons
  • dropping a bomb from a drone
  • eavesdropping via drone-mounted parabolic microphones

It really doesn't matter which meaning you choose, the drone itself is the high-tech toy, and the CIA woman is working with it in some fashion.

If you wanted to rephrase the entire thing, I'd suggest something like

... as they engage in casual sex and perform unrealistic feats of cutting-edge-technology spying...


It's about dropping such drones as this .

Bombing with drones.

  • eavesdrop seems to make more sense in this context
    – smci
    Apr 6, 2015 at 9:22
  • @smci. I concur with your comment. The use of "drone drop" is too abrupt. Can CIA women drop drone bomb really? It's doesn't make sense. Apr 8, 2015 at 11:09

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