Should I use the article in the following sentence?

"Demand for apple is increasing"


"The demand for the apple is increasing"


"The demand for apples is increasing"

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  • The third. Except that if you're speaking of a particular type of apple then the second would be correct: "Haralson apples are suddenly 'in' again. The demand for the apple is increasing." And the first might apply if you're talking about apple as a food component: "Sauce, juice, or concentrate, the demand for apple is increasing." – Hot Licks Apr 3 '15 at 12:19

The 3rd is by far the most frequent, and is correct.

The 1st can be heard too, but very rarely:

The National Nurseryman - Volume 19 - Page 401 1911

It will make digging much lighter than usual. Trade conditions are satisfactory, and indications are that our fall deliveries both in fruits and ornamentals will be far above the average. The demand for apple and peach in all grades has increased ..

The 2nd is incorrect.

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