• In the following paragraph, if i change Abbott Park, Illinois-based company to Abbott Park, Illinois company will the meaning change?
  • Is there a technical term for -based ?
  • When do we use such terms in english?
  • I think it's called within-word dashes


Abbott Labs manufactures and develops a wide range of pharmaceuticals, nutrition supplements, and personal care products. Shares in the Abbott Park, Illinois-based company rose 1 in trading today to close at 64 1/8.

Thank you.


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-based implies that the place is a base for operations that take place across a wider region. In Abbott's case worldwide. Without -based, there is a possibility that Abbott Park is the only place the company impacts. For example, one would not generally say of a mom and pop sandwich shop that it is -based. But a company whose agents operate far and wide and report back the the base or headquarters, deserves a -based.

If you take -based away, the meaning will not really change, but ambiguity with respect to region of impact will be possibly introduced.

With some place names being used in company names, -based resolves ambiguity between name and location.

The technical term is "headquartered in".


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