I'm a pretty good user of the English language, I can read, write, and converse rather well in english. But I'm not very good with grammar, consequently I began searching for resources on the subject.

I have the Cambridge grammar in use series, also I managed to get Paul Roberts "understanding grammar". But when I skimmed over the series and the book I felt each is describing a different language. The series is detached from the book's subject (but not completely), and vice versa, and I tried to see other books just to get similar results, some books cued under the series, and the others under Roberts's book.

What I need is a book/book series which integrally outlines the english language in it's entirety, not the tense system alone, or just the language topology by itself. I began looking into english linguistics - but I have the impression it supersedes what I need, and it might be a waste of time/effort -, I'm skimming over Cambridge’s "introducing english linguistics", I also found "The structure of modern English : a linguistic introduction" by Laurel J. Brinton, and "An introduction to the grammar of English" by Elly van Gelderen rather intresting, but I need more advice.

So... Has anyone a suggestion about text/text series that match my aim? ... this is my first question.

Also I need to practice conversation a little bit more frequent to reach fluency, but I need native speakers to practice with. There are websites that offer people trying to practice english speaking voice chat, but I didn't find a place where there are native speaker participants. A site where native english speakers chat - about general subjects, not particularly english language - would be nice too, goofing around in such sites might be beneficial. Which leads to my second question...

Has anyone a suggestion about a place on the internet where I can find native/fluent english speakers to chat/practice with? - I'll try not to be boring :>.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


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