I don't know if the word "number" before "bananas" of the following sentence could be omitted?

"The number of apples is 8 and bananas is 3" or
"The number of apples is 8 and the number of bananas is 3"

Is an article for apples and bananas needed? Like "the apples" and "the bananas"?

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Your first sentence is the best:

The number of apples is eight and bananas is three.

No, you do not need to repeat "the number of" (although you can if you want to). No, you do not need an article before either apples or bananas (although you can if you want to).

This is a style issue, not a rule of grammar: usually you'd want to spell out small numbers like three and eight.

  • I'd edit it further to "There are eight apples and three bananas." It's obvious that eight and three are numbers. Mar 28, 2015 at 11:43

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