I don't know whether it's suitable to ask this kind of question here. I just got some listening issues. I can't identify the word missing in the sentence No.1 in this metioned VOA and want to make sure if the sentences No.2 & 3 are correct.

Really hope someone can help me and thank you very very much!

Below is the link: (VOA news: US Government Panel Says Consider Environment in Diet) http://www.voanews.com/content/government-panel-says-consider-the-environment-in-diet/2673305.html

0'50'' 1. What you eat has consequences, not only for your ??? but on the planet.

1'04'' 2. "Meat production is very carbon intensive, I mean it, It releases greenhouse gases..."

2'18'' 3. ...or falling in industrialized countries...

Thank you very very much!

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1 for your waistline

2 and 3 are OK

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