I thought that replete could be used as a verb meaning something like "refill" because of the other verbs sharing the same root plere, such as complete or deplete, which are used as verbs without question. But I found in the dictionary that replete is actually only used as an adjective, meaning "filled."

Do sentences like these make no sense to you?

Please replete the bowl.
The water was repleted in the pool.
She repletes my empty heart.

How come replete works only as an adjective?

  • Wiktionary gives the verbal intercategorial polyseme, without even flagging it as a rare usage. But it's a very rare usage. – Edwin Ashworth Mar 23 '15 at 23:13

Because we already have replenish for that purpose.

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  • @BlessedGeek I don’t understand why you are asking why. – tchrist Mar 22 '15 at 22:46
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I don't think replenish would be the same thing as replete, if replete was used as a verb. According to the dictionary definitions I read, replete means to be stuffed to the point of not wanting more. That over-abundance is not implied in replenish. And stuffed isn't always the word you want.

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