My Sentence: "Jobs such as waitress, janitor, fast food workers and much more low-level jobs are consider unchallenging for the uneducated. "

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    The way you have it at the moment is not grammatical. You could either say jobs such as that of waitress, janitor...etc, or you could say Jobs such as waitressing, janitoring,...etc. You may find that some people nowadays object to the word waitress on the grounds that it is gender stereotyping.
    – WS2
    Mar 16, 2015 at 22:24
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    You have other grammatical errors as well: "much more jobs" and "are consider". Mar 16, 2015 at 23:17

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In this case, it should be waitressing, because a waitress is a person, whereas waitressing is a job. A waitress's job is waitressing. Your sentence, rendered correctly, would be:

Jobs such as waitressing, janitorial work, fast food service, and many more low-level jobs are considered unchallenging for the uneducated.

All of the nouns you mentioned -- waitress, janitor, fast food worker -- were people rather than jobs.

Also, it's a little awkward to end a list that began with a "such as" clause with a "many more" clause. In my opinion, this would be better:

Low-level jobs such as waitressing, janitorial work, and fast foot service are considered unchallenging for the uneducated.

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