What word(s) would you use to describe throwing something, specifically during the action of throwing a paper airplane?

The one word I was able to come up with was "flick", but I'm looking for other synonyms.



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throw is the verb used in the rules for the Longest paper aircraft flight in the Guinness Book of World Records.

You must throw your aircraft from a stationary position on a flat surface at the same level or below that which the aircraft lands on.

throw and launch are both used in the Red Bull Paper Wings International Qualiflyer Rules

  • The aircraft must be launched by one person throwing the aircraft unaided from a reasonably static position. The participant needs to have both feet firm on the ground during the attempt.
  • A run-up or fast walk as part of the launch is not permitted, nor the use of ramps or like devices.

a few more ideas. Some of these are incomplete without saying something about where it's going.

hurl, jettison, give a push, propel, aim, lob, pitch, send, set in motion, initiate flight, chuck, fling, release.


A paper air plane whizzed past my ears.

The boys aimed the paper air planes at their aunt and flung them.

He is an expert in propelling paper air planes.

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