I am drafting an invitation to some clients regarding an event our company is holding.

The template I am going off suggests closing the email with:

"It will be great if [FIRM] can RSVP by March 20th"

I am wondering if that should be would/could instead of will/can ?

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    I'm personally not sure, though I would prefer would/could over will/can. However both sound equally informal (and therefore clumsy) to me for an Event Invitation. If informal fits your organisation then fine, I guess, but I would use "RSVP by March 20th". "Please" is technically a superfluous addition to RSVP, but "Please RSVP by..." is probably common usage now.
    – Marv Mills
    Commented Feb 25, 2015 at 13:57

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If it is an invitation then it is could/would as it is more polite and less pushing.

Grammatically, however, will/can is the correct form. In most of the english speaking part of the world, will/can is will be quite acceptable as it is somewhat more direct. In north-American culture verbal politeness is norm, thus could/would are the preferred choice.


In America, at least, it's would/could.

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