There is a well known german phrase:

Dafür stehe ich mit meinem Namen

Which indicates, that a person or company promises quality of his/their product. And to underline it, they guarentee this with the good name. It's tough to explain, but I hope you get it.

Now I would like to know a phrase in English language, which is likely to be known and has this meaning.

The direct translation doesn't sound right to me:

This is what I stand for with my name.

  • The closest English set phrase I can think of is something like "I pledge on my honour" - but that's VERY archaic. Or "You have our word" - but I think the modern English-speaking world is probably too cynical to trust this kind of promise. Most equivalent ads make reference to a concrete promise with legal status, like a money-back guarantee. Feb 16, 2015 at 14:25

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I'd render this with something like:

I vouch for it with my reputation


I stand behind my {product / service}


I put my name to my {product / service} with pride


I {stake my reputation / pride myself} on the quality of my {product / service}.


Our name is the guarantee ; an example.

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