For Big/Small there is "Size".
For Long/Short there is "Length".

Whats the grouping word for Intra/Inter?


Intra means "inside" and inter means "between" (and extra is "outside") so I suppose location might as good as anything.

However, big, small, long and short are all adjectives. Long and short describe length; big and small describe size. Intra and inter are not adjectives — you can't use those words in the same way as the others — and so trying to group them is not really the same thing.

However, inter-planetary dust, or travel, is between the planets; extra-mural activity covers lessons outside the walls of the school; intranet is a network within a company. location may well work.

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  • Pipped to location but this answer does add something to the slightly earlier one. – Andrew Leach Feb 10 '15 at 9:13
  • On the bright side, you just taught this American a new meaning of the word pip. – pyobum Feb 10 '15 at 9:19

These are known as locational prefixes, so you can describe them as locational. If you need a noun to use as your "grouping word," you could use locational prefixes or simply location.

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