How would you translate "Kommandostab" from German? The literate translation is "command bar", this object was used to give orders to the army. Full sentence: "In der rechten Hand hält er einen Kommandostab, in der Linken die Zügel." It appears on the third page (page 6) of this German periodical.

goldene reiter model

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This is typically known as a baton in English (we imported the word from French).

From Wikipedia's article on the martial baton:

The ceremonial baton is a short, thick stick-like object, typically in wood or metal, that is traditionally the sign of a field marshal or a similar very high-ranking military officer, and carried as a piece of their uniform.

Jean-Baptiste Jourdan with a marshall!s baton

Related, of course, but distinct, is the royal scepter.

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