I specially want to use this word after "adolescent" . better said, I'm looking for a nice paraphrasing for " young people ".

  • Boys and girls? .. – user66974 Feb 5 '15 at 16:31
  • I'm afraid it's not what I need... what I'm looking for has to bear a much closer meaning to a word like " generation " and suchlike. – Kasra Feb 5 '15 at 16:37
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    You can simply call them adolescents. (or pre-teens, tweenies, pre-pubescents, etc.) – Kristina Lopez Feb 5 '15 at 16:43
  • I'm looking for a word to use after adolescent , I got no problems with adolescent itself, ex. is a collocation like " adolescent generation " a correct one? @KristinaLopez – Kasra Feb 5 '15 at 16:55
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    In more academic writing, you could say "cohort." – Sasha Vodnik Feb 5 '15 at 17:54

A bevy of adolescents or bevy of youths means a group of young persons. Not exactly the kind of construction you're looking for, but it would mean the same as "an adolescent (word)".

"bevy", used most frequently with girls, women and children. I've also seen it used with reference to sailors.

  • "bevy" (noun) - a group or assemblage: a bevy of young beach boys, a bevy of sailors, a bevy of beauties. TFD
  • "youth, pl youths" (noun) young persons or creatures —usually plural in construction. Merriam-Webster

'battery' is a term used for group of people, usually soldiers - but it is not restricted to soldiers. It can be used for young people - 'charged' with lot of 'energy', I would presume.

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    I'm very curious if you could come up with one literary example where a group of youngsters are described as a battery. – Mari-Lou A Feb 5 '15 at 17:51
  • telegraph.co.uk/sport/cricket/international/england/9277279/… - to quote 'It is England who now have the battery of pace men who can make the ball talk'. I remember reading it - especially the phrase 'battery of pacemen' is used quite a few times in cricket. – Raghuraman R Feb 6 '15 at 3:51

might the word be moxie: a moxie adolescent.



A few informal and humorous terms for groups of young people

My personal favorite being:

gaggle noun a group of people, especially a noisy and uncontrolled group

but then there are these:

bunch noun a group of people

gang noun a group of friends, especially young people

mob noun a group of people who are connected in some way

crew noun a group of people

clan noun a group of people who share an interest or goal

bevy noun a group of people or things of the same kind

lot noun a particular group of people

posse noun a group of friends (This word is mainly used by young people referring to other young people)



A group of people from the same generation (of same or nearly same age) are called a "cohort".

Free Dictionary COHORT Noun 1(c) A generational group as defined in demographics, statistics or market research

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