In scientific articles an article is usually omitted when referring to figures, tables, etc. and a capital letter is used. For example I would state: "The data are shown in Figure 1."

I have an algorithm in my article and its lines are numbered. I want to refer to a certain line of the algorithm and I don't know whether the above also applies in this situation. Which of the following should I use:

  • "on the line x",
  • "on line x",
  • "on Line x",

where "x" is a line number?

EDIT: An example of an algorithm:

Algorithm IsOne(i):
1: if i = 1
2:    return true
3: else
4:    return false
5: end if

since it is a line of an algorithm "on line x" is more appropriate.

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    Also note that generally "line" and "page" start with lower case while "Chapter" and other logical divisions use upper case (in most style guides -- I believe the one major guide to disagree and use lower case for "chapter x" is Chicago). This is implied but not staff in the answer. – Chris H Feb 5 '15 at 15:01

Change the constant on Line 1. correct
Change the constant on the Line 1. incorrect
Change the constant on the line with the if. correct

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