I share an office with a co-worker and wanted to write something about the office that she and I share. Should I do something like one of these:

  • Stacey's and I's office
  • Stacey and I's office


  • Mine and Stacey's office. – Anonym Feb 3 '15 at 1:54

As I is the subject personal pronoun, it is best used when Stacey and you are the subject of the verb.

  • Stacey and I share this office.

As Stacey's in your example has a possessive meaning, a possessive pronoun makes most sense here.

  • Stacey's and my office

Having said that,

  • the office Stacey and I share

(only slightly modified from your question) is probably easier for most listeners or readers to parse.

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